Forthcoming Sale Dates
Sale dates are listed below. Illustrated catalogues are published two weeks prior to each sale and can be ordered by contacting the office.

The sales can also be viewed online at GH Live

Date Sale Title Entry Status Catalogue Status
Thursday 25th February 2021 Fine Clocks & Horology Closed  Sale Results
Thursday 27th May 2021 Fine Clocks 30th April 2021  
Friday 28th May 2021 Miscellaneous Horology & Affordable Clocks 30th April 2021  
Thursday 21st October 2021 Fine Clocks 24th September 2021  
Friday 22nd October 2021 Miscellaneous Horology & Affordable Clocks 24th September 2021  


Viewing Times

Confirmed prior to each sale. See ‘View Sale’ for details